Say Goodbye to Software Defects

Catch high risk changes before they impact your customers

Automatic Commit Analysis to Prevent Software Defects

Connect GitHub

Analyze Commits

Eliminate Defects

Mark Wolffenbuttel


"Grip helps us focus on those areas of our development that need the most attention" 

- Mark Wolffenbuttel, General Manager Tie Kinetix

Quick Set Up via GitHub

You can grant the Grip app to access your repos simply by logging into your GitHub account and clicking one button. We even provide the pop-up.

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Instant feedback on changes

Changes you make to your code are analyzed as soon as you interact with your repo, either by pushing a commit or submitting a pull request. You receive the feedback as soon as our analysis completes.

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Track risk over time

Our dashboard presents a clear picture of how the defect risk profile of your code has evolved over time and predictions for the future.

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View per person, technology, module

The output from our suite of multiple analysis engines allows you to drill down on a wide range of risk factors that are closely correlated with defects in your codebase.

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