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Hurrah for our Partners

Partnerships are very important to what we do at Grip. Our clients have very specific needs that often require a tailored solution.

The reasons why they want to optimize their software development processes and what exactly they want to achieve differ widely. Some are mostly interested to increase developer efficiency while other are legally bound to not let defects slip into production.

Different development teams use different combinations of off the shelf and home grown development tools so sometimes some customization is needed to get the right data ready for analysis.

Our partners help clients state their problems, connect their systems with Grip’s analysis engines and help them take action on the results.

Partner in the spotlight

Zenergy Technologies is a North Carolina based company that provides software delivery solutions.

Chris Laney From Zenergy

Chris Laney From Zenergy

"Grip's analysis tools help us to establish a baseline at our clients. We use this baseline to improve upon the specific goals of our clients and then use Grip to periodically measure the effectiveness of the improvements", says Chris Laney, President and CEO of Zenergy Technologies.

Interested to become a partner?

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