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Welcome to our first AI team member

At Grip.QA we’re firm believers in using our own products to experience what our users experience on a daily basis. Today, we decided to take that to the next level: we’re making our own public Grip dashboard a full-time team member.


Instead of just using our dashboard as a guide, we’re giving it a voice equal to that of all the other team members. This means acting on its advice during sprint planning sessions, asking for estimations, and listening during the retrospective.

Are you crazy?

No. Well, maybe. Time will tell. But the only way to experience the consequences of our own advice is to live by it rigorously. Make changes to our plans and see how they play out. Experience first hand what failure and success feel like. It’s almost like learning


As a side note, the team is obviously still in charge. We determine our goals before each sprint and decide on the sprint’s focus.

How will this work

Every planning session we’ll pick a few improvements from our improvement dashboard to work on based on our goals for the sprint. These often impact the size and number of user stories, and trigger us to reduce risk and complexity. The team’s commitment is influenced by looking at our predicted velocity for the upcoming sprint compared to the previous sprints.


During the sprint we’ll keep an eye on the technical improvements we committed to. This includes codebase metrics like lines of code and duplication, but also our testing effort and bug fixes. We also keep an eye on if our predicted goals move up or down during the sprint.

At retrospective time we evaluate whether we’ve met our business goals. Did we do better or worse than expected? Than predicted? We quickly go over the improvements we committed to to see how far we’ve come.


We’re keeping a record of how this works in practise here on the blog. If you want to follow the experiment live, head over to our public dashboard which is updated in real time.

If you want to help us make Grip the best predictive analytics tool for software development, you can share your feedback through our public beta program!

Kamiel Wanrooij