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Defect Detective

Solve the mystery of who introduced defects


About Defect Detective

Defect Detective helps development team managers understand which team members contribute more than their fair share of defects.

Our defect to code correlation algorithm analyzes a code repository (we currently support GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket, and other cloud or hosted git solutions) and the corresponding JIRA issues. The results of the analysis are displayed in an intuitive chart that is also easy to understand for non technical users.

Defect Detective Logo

Defect Detective helps you:


  • Find out who contributed most to defects

  • See in what technologies defects originate

  • Prevent defects

Our Code Correlation Analysis algorithm finds the biggest contributors to defects over a period of time.

Turn your focus on technologies and find the biggest contributors to defects over time so you can replace the ones that are defect prone. (the current edition has a repository based filter, more filters come in future editions)

Understand your team’s weaknesses and strengths so you can help team members improve by providing coaching, code reviews, or pairing them up with others who create less defects.

How to start

Defect detective is available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

We currently support Jira version 7.5.0 till 7.6.3 and GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket, and other cloud or hosted git solutions.

After installing the Defect Detective add-on you can find the Detective in your Jira when you go to Reports

Defect Detective Jira Location

After clicking on the Defect Detective button in the Reports screen you get the screen where you can select the repository you want to analyse


Configure Defect Detective

Repository URL:

Type the URL of the Repo you want to analyse: e.g.

Repository User:

Type here the user name with which you can access the repository you want to analyze in Github

Repository Password:

Type here the password of the user of this repository account We recommend you generate a read only API key specifically for this purpose. Never share your Git password with others or store it in a third party system.

The Defect Detective analysis only works if you track defects in Jira and if you track your commits with Jira issues. The easiest way to track issues with commits is to add the issue number to the git commit message. Depending on your workflow, adding the issue number to the branch name may or may not work. Be sure to include the entire issue number, including the project key (JIRA-1234).


The Report

Defect Detective Report

At one glance you can see the the defect contribution of your team members relative to their code contribution over a period of time.

Investigate outliers and take corresponding action:

Defect Detective Outliers
Defect Detective Mouse Over

Zoom in at the individual level


The analysis takes place on your server. No data or passwords will be sent to external systems.


Any questions, remarks please contact us via: