Software Development Audits
Due Dilligence for Software Development

Software Development Audits using Predictive Analytics

Safer Software Purchase Decisions

Selecting a new Vendor? Acquiring a Software Company? Problems with your Software Development?

Let Grip audit the software development efforts so you understand their risks and capabilities and improve upon them.

Analysis of People, Process and product

At Grip we provide a software development audit based on three elements:

- The people that develop the software. This includes the developers but also other people contributing to the development process such as product managers, testers and others.

- The processes. We analyze both the formal processes supported through documentation and tooling, and the informal processes that are a result of organizational, cultural and personal influences.

- The product. We look at source code, infrastructure, security, and tools. Our focus is on adaptability, maintainability, and reliability.

Clear Results in just a few Days

In just a few days we can provide you with an extensive due diligence that will help you understand the risks of the software organization you want to audit. In most cases four days are enough to provide a detailed report.

Tools, Inspections, and Interviews

We do an audit based on automated analysis by proprietary and open source tools, inspections of the tools and output generated by the development team, and interviews with the team members.

Report and Management briefing

We provide our clients and the vendors they audit with comprehensible reports so both can improve.

Client Reports

Our deliverables for our clients are a report and a management briefing. The management briefing is a clear summary of risks and capabilities, while the report contains an in-depth analysis and our recommendations.

Vendor Reports

Vendors receive comprehensive information on what aspects of their development they are doing well and what aspects they could improve upon. 

Clearing House Model

Strict separation between vendor data and client reports.


Grip helps us focus on those areas of our development that need the most attention
— Mark Wolffenbuttel, General Manager Tie Kinetix


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