Software Development Audits
Due Dilligence for Software Development


Get alerted to high-risk changes

Predict and Prevent

We use quantitative analysis to predict software development risk and automatically calculate risk the moment a developer on your team commits a change. Read our blog if you are interested to learn more about the machine learning techniques we use to calculate risk.

Using Grip will help you understand what areas of your development need improvement and help your to team use their time more efficiently by preventing problem and focus their efforts where it is needed most.


How it works

It only takes 3 steps to setup Grip for your development teams


1. Determine the Objectives for improving your software development 

In order to successfully implement a data driven improvement of your software development it is important to specify reachable goals. We can help you specify goals.



2. Connect Grip with your Development Tools and Set up Base line

Set up Grip to have access to relevant (based on the goals you want to achieve) data from your development tools. We set up a convenient webhook to alert Grip of all new changes. We never store any of your code on our servers.We do a one time analysis of your repo to establish a baseline on which we base the risk assessment of your future changes. 



3. Predict and Prevent - Each Change is Analyzed

Based on the goals determined during step 1 we run our suite of multiple analysis engines to identify a wide range of risk factors that are known to cause defects. The results are delivered periodically based on the workflow of your development that allows you to time predict and prevent risks  for your software development.